Rama and Sita

Updated: 5/19/2020
Rama and Sita

Storyboard Text

  • Give your wives some of this potion and they will all soon fall pregnant
  • The king of India was unhappy. He had no heirs. So he asked the wise man for help
  • I have no sons or heirs, What shall I do?
  • Yay!!!!
  • 18 years later, Rama the kings favourite son, fell in love with a woman called Sita.
  • Make my son king- not Rama
  • After the king's wife saved his life- he owed her a favour...
  • Ok, I am a man of my word
  • So Rama, Sita and Rama's brother were banished from the kingdom- but one day Rama went out to hunt. When his brother answered his call for help, Rama was left unattended
  • Rama?
  • Help!!!!!!
  • There was a great battle to free Sita from the evil demon
  • Rama then returned from his exile and took his rightful place on the throne