chinese new year

Updated: 2/18/2019
chinese new year

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  • Chinese New year
  • Here's a chart of all of them
  • W O A H
  • Welcome to the Celebration of the Chinese New Year
  • "Even though it seems that the celebrations end the fourtune never does"
  • Fun Fact Did you know that people all over the world celebrate latern festival
  • I am your Host Sriram
  • This can be expressed in different ways but the chinese people determine this with the chinese zodiac
  • The Chinese New Year is a celebration of prosperity,longevity and fourtune
  • This is how it works, every birth date has it's specific animal and the qualities of that animal corresponds to the birth date of the person
  • Rat:Quick-witted Ox:Diligence Tiger:Brave Rabbit:Noble Dragon:High Reputation Snake:Divination Horse:Independence Sheep:Gentle/Calm Monkey:Clever Rooster:Consistant/Significant Dog:Good Freind Pig:Laziness
  • *Dragon picture missing
  • The End