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Updated: 9/24/2020
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  • There was once a little boy. His father was the King of their country. Every night, the father would tell his son a bedtime story, but this particular night was different. When the father asked his son what story he would like to be read, the son instead asked, “Father, instead of a bedtime story tonight, could you please tell me what it is like to be King?” His father was astounded as the young boy had never showed any interest in knowing what it was like to be a King. “How about a bedtime story to answer your question?” the father asked. “That sounds great too, father.” The boy replied eagerly getting tucked into bed.
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  • Once the son was in bed ,the father began his story. “Once upon a time, there was a warrior who was very loyal to the King. He was also very brave and often volunteered to fight horrible beasts when no one else would. Everyone in the kingdom looked up to him. One day, the King was alerted of a scary and horrible monster heading towards their kingdom”. “What was the monster like father?” his son curiously asked. “Well this monster was tall and big, with sharp claws and staggering teeth. It could eat twenty people in one bite!” ,the father described. “Yikes!” said his startled son.
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  • The father then continued his story. “The king sent the soldier to lead the troops into battle against the horrible monster. The warrior immediately agreed, unafraid. The battle was long and tiring, but after some time, more of the other fighters were being eaten. All the warriors were running away, but one of them ,who the king trusted to lead them into battle, stood firm. He was determined to either kill the beast, or die a fighter. The monster took pity of the soldier and bent down to make him a deal. The monster said he would spare the warrior’s life and give him all the riches in the world, so he would be the richest among the rest, but with one condition, which is to let him devour all the people in his country.
  • While it did sound tempting, the warrior declined. He was already contented with what he had. He was a well-respected soldier in the kingdom, and the king’s most trusted warrior. He already had everything he needed and wanted in his life. The monster menacingly laughed at the man’s foolishness. Then, he fought the monster with strength and bravery for a few more hours, but after a while, he was starting to get really fatigued. He thought of giving up ,but he would not. He was willing to protect his country even if it costs him his life. After a little while, he heard shouts coming from behind him. He turned to see who it was, and everyone in the kingdom were holding torches and spears led by the king’s troops and the king himself.
  • The beast suddenly became fearful, and knowing he could not win the fight, he ran and never came back. The soldier asked the King why they had come, and the King said everyone was amazed and inspired by his courageous act ,his loyalty to the kingdom, his selflessness, and for not giving up even when he was long exhausted enough.
  • The King then stepped down from his throne, and crowned it to the soldier because according to the King, the warrior deserved it more than he did. The new King now made the old king his advisor, and the kingdom prospered and lived happily ever after.”
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