scary stories one
Updated: 5/5/2018
scary stories one
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  • One day it was my sisters, Annabelle, birthday. We lived together in a old house two stories high. I decided to throw a huge surprise birthday party. I knew that she deserved it. Ever since I lost my job and had no money to pay for half of the rent, she stood up and said not to worry. Now she pays the rent all by herself. So this was the least I could do. Before Annabelle came home from work, I invited all of our friends. Counting everybody, including me and my sister, there were 22 people at the party.
  • We all went outside to set up the party and to hide so when she would come to yell ‘SURPRISE!’. Later when she came home from work, she went straight to her room, at the back of the house where we were hiding.
  • So I knocked on her window but she just called me.
  • Someone is out side...
  • Nah, it's fine whatever
  • Go check it out...
  • So I quickly ran inside making it look like I came down from the stairs,
  • So I quickly ran inside making it look like I came down from the stairs, and she told me that something was outside. I told her to go check herself hoping she would be very surprised. But she just said whatever and laid down on her bed. Then we both heard a knock at the window. She told me to go check it out so I did. I knew it was just going to be the guest so I didn’t say anything. I went outside to tell them to hide and that I got it covered, but they were still all hiding. I just didn’t think to much about it and I just hid and knocked at the window again.
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