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Haitian Revolution (AP World History)
Updated: 2/19/2020
Haitian Revolution (AP World History)
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  • In 18th century Saint Domingue (present-day Haiti)...
  • The vast differences between the social classes from the plantations owners to the enslaved Africans created different social freedoms for both groups. The derogation of the Haitian slaves through harsh mistreatment sparked disdain from the slaves, leading to resentment towards the establishment.
  • I wish we possessed more rights and freedoms under these harsh circumstances.
  • Slaves began to express their opposition against the plantation owners through holding revolts within the plantations. This occurrence further garnered support from other Haitian slaves for the overall abolition of slavery as an institution and action and progress towards an independent state.
  • Our rights as human beings must not be compromised!
  • The circumstances which we are placed under are inhumane.
  • In response to the rising conflicts, the French created a decree on September 18, 1791 that enabled all free blacks and mulattoes amnesty for their participation in the revolts, which unsuccessfully prevented more slaves from being involved in removing the institution of slavery in Haiti.
  • We will not accept this deception of a fabricated reality for your own personal gain.
  • Our values remain true.
  • In return for one's assistance in our resistance, we will enable one to possess more freedom as well as more social rights.
  • With the assistance of the General Toussiant L'Ouverture in 1793, he lead many successful revolts that exponentially helped gain Haiti's independence from Europeans powers, France and Spain.
  • Burn the plantations, kill the oppressors!
  • After a successful revolution, Jean- Jacques proclaimed the independence of Saint Domingue with the...
  • The Haitian Declaration of Independence in 1804
  • We must proclaim this success with an official document!
  • The success of the revolution led to the dividing of plantations and distribution to enslaved and free black people. Saint Domingue became the first Latin American country to win independence due to slave uprisings and thus the first black led country in the Western Hemisphere
  • Hooray we succedded!
  • We are finally free!
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