Play- Everyman
Updated: 11/5/2018
Play- Everyman
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Storyboard Description

Orignally written by Petrus Dorlandus in 1510, Made into a storyline by Lehar Goenka A mortality play

Storyboard Text

  • After we meet the messanger telling us a little about the play we see that god is angry at Everyman living for there own pleasure and summons death to go and do justice to Everyman.
  • Prologue and Conflict
  • Death meets Everyman, and tells him about God's wish, Everyman gets scared and tries to bribe death, Death tells Everyman to start his journey, and allows him to bring company.
  • Rising Action 
  • Everyman is shocked when he asks his beloved Friendship, Kindred, Cousin and Wordly Goods, to come with him and they all refuse, but his ignored Good Deeds, Knowledge, Beauty, Strength, Discretion and The 5 Senses stay with him.
  • Climax
  • After washing himself with confession and getting a sacrament from a priest, Everyman is tired and rests but Beauty, Strength, Discretion and the 5 senses leave having 'no fun' in the graveyard. Good Deeds and Everyman bond.
  • Falling Action
  • Everyman begs god for mercy and in the end Good Deeds hears angels singing and pulling him upward
  • Falling Action
  • You who hear, this is the moral: let go of your pride! Beauty, Five Senses, Strength, and Discretion; they all abandoned Everyman in the end...everyone except his Good Deeds. But beware, if your Good Deeds are small before God, you will have no help at all. No excuse will be found there for Everyman, and what shall he do then? For after death, no man may make amends, for then even Pity will forsake him if his reckoning is not clear when he comes. So ends the moral play of Everyman. Look well and take good heed. This matter is wonderfully precious, but the intent of it is more gracious.
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