Making Forces Funny
Updated: 2/2/2020
Making Forces Funny
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  • Gravity
  • I can't believe I got rejected, again. Now I'm not only getting pulled down by gravity.
  • Friction
  • Hey son!
  • I have a joke for you. What do you get when you rub two oranges together?
  • Pulp Friction! HAHAHAHA
  • Oh my goodness! That's so funny!
  • I don't know. What do you get?
  • Hey dad!
  • Elastic
  • I don't think this is working out, I think we should take a break.
  • Continued Elastic
  • 30 seconds later...
  • What just happened?? How did I just get pulled back.
  • Of course you'll get pulled back. You got pulled back because after the elastic rubber band is stretched out, it returns back to its original form, which is closer together, and when it does this it exerts elastic force.
  • Magnetism
  • Will you go out with me?
  • Oh, Okay. Sorry.
  • How about you get a magnetic suit, it'll make you way more attractive!
  • Oh my god no!! You are really ugly.
  • Continued Magnetism
  • The next day...
  • I got that magnetic suit. So, will you go out with me now?
  • OMG yes!! You are so attractive now!!
  • Okay, I will.
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