The Aztec gods
Updated: 4/1/2020
The Aztec gods
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  • The Aztec made lots of human sacrifices to their gods with their own people and war prisoners.
  • Hi I'm a Historian. Today we are going to have a look at the Aztec gods.
  • First we need to talk about how the Aztecs thought the world was created.
  • The Aztecs thought that it took 5 attempts to create Earth.
  • Then they finally got it right when they all sacrificed themselves.
  • This is why the Aztecs made human sacrifices.
  • The god Quetzalcoatl created humans and had several attempts at it.
  • To create humans he used parts of the failed attempts and his own blood which is why we're all different sizes.
  • The Aztec believed in natural balance
  • They believed that there were 13 layers in heaven and 9 layers in the underworld.
  • They would go into a period of morning and burn their furniture. They would only know that they were safe for the next 52 years if a specific constellation was in the sky.
  • They also believed that every 52 years the world would end.
  • Some of their beliefs of the afterlife are if you died as a sacrifice to Huitzilopochtli would aid in the fight against darkness, some would be reincarnated into other animals and in the end they would have to live in darkness
  • The End
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