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Foragers vs Farmers
Updated: 11/12/2020
Foragers vs Farmers
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  • We will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of foragers!
  • Life as a forager was better than that of a farmer, because they had healthier diets, they were plant based diets because meat was valuable and rare.
  • However, forager's food source depended on where they were currently living entirely.
  • An advantage to foraging was that people had a lot of free time so they could create art and music.
  • That's true, but foragers didn't have many characteristics of modern citizens, unlike farmers who's surpluses led to cities.
  • Whereas with the rise of agriculture, stricter gender roles were put in place. While men did the labors jobs, women took care of the housework and children.
  • Another advantage of being a forager was that the social hierarchy was based off of age and not if you were wealthy or your gender.
  • Wow being a forager sounds a whole lot better than being a farmer.
  • Yeah, farming may have been a huge important change, but because of it we have patriarchy, inequality, war, and ironically famine.
  • These are the advantages of disadvantages of Foraging!
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