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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/4/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Conflict
  • Five cents is my profit on a can of soup. Ten cents for a pound of pork, twenty-five cents for ten pounds of rice. That woman wants five hundred dollars from me, but you see how we fight for each penny?
  • I wish I could help, Mrs. Hoa, but times are hard,Our customers are cutting back on everything, what with the recession and the gas prices. And our daughter’s in college. Her tuition is like a down payment on a house every year.
  • I struggle making ends meet, too. But people talk. Did you hear about Mrs. Binh? People say she’s a Communist sympathizer, and all because she’s too cheap to give anything. There’s even talk of boycotting her store.
  • I saved our lives, you coward! What did I say about opening the door to strangers? How come you never listen to me?
  • She’s just scared, officer.
  • Okay. Let’s go, son.
  • Conflict and Characterization of the Mother
  • I want to go with Ma.
  • She knows where we work. I’ll bet she knows where we live. It’s only fair I know the same things, isn’t it?
  • Conflict
  • Conflict and Characterization of the Mother
  • Uh-huh
  • I’m not giving you any money. I work hard for my money. What do you do? You’re nothing but a thief and an extortionist, making people think they can still fight this war.
  • You heard her, didn’t you? She doesn’t support the cause. If she’s not a Communist, she’s just as bad as a Communist. If you shop here, you’re helping Communists.
  • Conflict and Theme
  • The mother gives Mrs. Hoa two hundred-dollar bills.
  • That’s it, That’s all I have. We’ll see ourselves out
  • Resolution of the Story
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