The Hitchhiker

Updated: 6/18/2021
The Hitchhiker

Storyboard Text

  • SCENE 1
  • Come in hitchhiker
  • SCENE 2
  • Nice car. Can it go faster?
  • of course. Watch this
  • SCENE 3 
  • wooohoooo let's go fasterrrrrrr
  • 100 mph
  • 120 mph
  • 100 mph
  • 130 mph
  • A shabby hitchhiker is welcomed into a flashy red car by the main character. The man is slightly mysterious, he is secretive about his job. The hitchhiker is slightly impolite.
  • SCENE 4
  • The hitchhiker is impressed by the flashy car and urges the main character to go faster.
  • SCENE 5
  • As the car speeds up in a matter of a few seconds, the man also increases in excitement.
  • SCENE 6
  • List Of Offenders and Details
  • Red and blue lights pull them over for speeding. The police officer records all their details in his notebook.
  • The main character and hitchhiker continue on their journey, the main character afraid for the future. He is confronted by the stunning thought of a possible fine and jail sentence for speeding, however, the hitchhiker seems unbothered
  • The hitchhiker comforts the main character. A mischievous smile fills the hitchhiker's face as he revealed he's a 'fingersmith', The main character looks in shock to see the policeman's notebook dangling in his hand.