The Real story of Santa Claus
Updated: 4/16/2021
The Real story of Santa Claus

Storyboard Description

Ever wondered what happens if you meet Santa? Find out in this book when a girl and a boy met him. Here's a clue, he went to jail and this could be the Truth....

Storyboard Text

  • HO! HO! HO
  • Santa Claus is hanging around!
  • That was when the children made up this song: SANTA CLAUS IS HANGING AROUND  (sang in the tune of Santa Claus is coming to town )
  • One night, a little girl and a little boy went out alone at night on the night of Christmas eve. They saw beautiful lights and Christmas trees. But, they were out for 1 thing, which was to find Santa, the big fat guy.
  • The boy and girl camped out at night. Then at 12 a.m. sharp, they heard a voice, " HO,HO,HO!". When they heard that, they knew it was Santa! They silently waited for him to land his flying sleigh. What happened next shocked them. While Santa was trying to land his sleigh, he got stuck on a tree!
  • "Oh, wow! I can't believe he actually got stuck!" said the girl. Just then, they saw a present fall out pf Santa"s bag and decided to open it. When they opened it, their jaws dropped, there was nothing inside. "While at least there is gases inside." said the boy