Updated: 3/28/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hannah came back from the hospital a week ago after her surgery and today she received her hospital bills which the insurance isn't covering. She doesn't have much savings left and doesn't know what she should do.
  • Hannah decides to ask her friend Jane for advice. Jane introduces Hannah to a website called "Collective Link" which brings people and charitable organizations together on one platform. Jane believes that Hannah can connect with organizations that can help pay her bills.
  • Next day, Hannah goes on collective Link and starts looking for organizations that can help with her bills. With the websites filtering feature, Hannah can easily find what she needs. She soon comes across an organization called "Non-profit credit counselling agency"
  • Hannah was happy with what she found on the website but she wasn't sure whether this company is trustable or not. So she set up a phone call appointment with the organization. This helped Hannah become sure of the organization and its capabilities.
  • The next day, Hannah went and met with organization supervisor and filled out all the documents that were needed so that they could help with her hospital bills.
  • Now, Hannah can relax and not stress about her hospital bills. She can aim at paying her bills strategically and peacefully with her of the organization. She can also check her tabs regularly at the specific organization app to make sure things are going smoothly with bill payments.