Unknown Story
Updated: 2/6/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The friend gives the note to Bethany who finds out that Zee has got Lily held captive.
  • Bethany gets worries about the mysterious tasks Zee wants her to do and Zander notices.
  • Zander receives a text and gets his task from Zee and soon finds out about Lily going missing.
  • US History
  • Bright Lighting, Diegetic sound of quiet music playing in background from Bethany's speaker. Close-Up shot of Bethany getting upset about this note.
  • Bethany breaks up with Zander and he is heartbroken.
  • Bright Lighting, Diegetic sounds of people walking past ready for class, Medium Shots used. No Uniform shows where this series is set (America).
  • Zander still cares about Bethany so decides he wants to do his task.
  • Close-up shots of Zander's facial expressions and a Close-Up of the text message. Slightly Duller lighting shows that something bad is about to happen putting Zander in a difficult situation.
  • Zander tells Conner that he knows about him and Steph's relationship (His Task)
  • Non-Diegetic music of a soft pitched tune shows the upset in the scene. Medium Shots and Close-Up shots shows facial expressions and posture of characters.
  • Camera Shaking shows the bus is active and moving, Bright light streaming in from the bus windows. Shot shows Zander looking at Connor in confused and stressed way.
  • Bright Lighting, Both characters shouting at each other and quiet music in background.
  • What do you mean you need to?
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