Unknown Story
Updated: 2/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hel' me! Keh-ee!
  • Byron's tongue was stuck to the Brown Bomber he did not do his side of the car either!
  • Kenny went into his house to get the rest of his family they were all surprised to see him but, Dad he thought that Byron was trying to kiss his reflection.
  • Dad was just going to let him hang off the side of the Brown Bomber to Birmingham but, Momma would not let him do that.
  • The lip less wonder!
  • Momma thought hot water would work, so Joey and her went in to get some. No one would pour it so Kenny had to do it. But, that did not work.
  • Dad went inside, Momma had another idea just pull him off. Byron started yelling again as best he could with his tongue stuck to the car door
  • Kenny made a joke that was he was going to make a comic called the lip less wonder everyone cracked up but Byron at that.