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second part
Updated: 8/29/2020
second part
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  • I went through the mouth and when I was chewed along with the saliva , I broke down into smaller bits, so I can easily pass through the esophagus'
  • I went throughthat long tube called esophagus to the stomach.
  • The liver secretes a green fluid called bile which helps to brake down fats.
  • The gall bladder stores the bile secreted by the liver until needed for digestion by the stomach
  • I was blended with all the digestive juices and churned up. The acid in the stomach helped to kill all the micro organism
  • All the nutrients from me were absorbed by the small intestine and passed on to the blood stream. The waste was then pushed to the large intestine.
  • The large intestine absorbed all water from the waste and made it solid forming faeces.
  • The anus is now ready to throw the faeces out of the body.
  • So did you understand how the apple I ate got digested in my body.
  • Oh! Oh! My tummy is aching, I need to go to the toilet now.Bye.
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