Buddha's Life
Updated: 2/4/2021
Buddha's Life

Storyboard Text

  • I need my son to rule this kingdom after me.
  • Your son Siddhartha will either become a great king or a great holy man.
  • People believed that Buddha could talk and walk. Since he was born into a rich family he was sheltered from anything bad and had many luxuries.
  • While buddha was walking around he saw that people were suffering and realized that he would also go through that.
  • Buddha saw a old man, dead man, and sick person. It was his first time seeing that.
  • After a servant took him in Buddha realized that starving yourself wouldn't solve any problems.He wants to find a better solution to ending his suffering.
  • FOOD!!
  • Buddha sat under a tree for 49 days and he finally became buddha which means the enlightened one.