Uglies novel
Updated: 2/15/2020
Uglies novel

Storyboard Text

  • I want to meet Peris, so I am going to sneak into New Pretty Town.
  • I miss Peris so much!
  • I have a bungee suit, you need to jump off.
  • I'll start a fake alarm.
  • Hi, i'm Shay.
  • Hi, i'm Tally.
  • This is to signal David.
  • This is when Tally wanted to go into New Pretty Town to see Peris.
  • Peris meets Tally at the party, and Peris is telling Tally she needs to jump as Tally needs to escape the pretties. Tally makes a fake alarm to do this.
  • Honestly, I don't want to be pretty.
  • You need to grow up sometime.
  • Tally meets Shay, a fellow person that is ugly and builds a bond with Tally.
  • No! Shay is gone!!
  • I really miss our arguments together and how she taught me a lot of things!
  • Shay shoots a firework to signal her mysterious friend David.
  • Who is David?
  • Shay says she doesn't want to be pretty but Tally says you have to grow up sometime.
  • Shay leaves Tally.