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13th amendmet facks.
Updated: 10/2/2019
13th amendmet facks.
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  • Have you ever heard of the 13th amendment to our Constitution?
  • No I have not what is it?
  • The 13th amendment is the amendment that abolished slavery.
  • Wen was the 13th amendment put on the constitution?
  • Was it added after a war?
  • I Know that it was added after the civil war. But what did it do?
  • The 13th amendment freed slaves but here are 6 fracks that you didn't know about this amendment.
  • this amendment allows people to keep doing there thing but the freed slaves are seen as one of them.
  • the exact date that it was added or year is...1/31/1865
  • in the progress of the 13th amendment the house of representatives felt that abolishing slavery was necessary
  • the amount of votes was 119 to 56 and it was added
  • wen the amendment was added it was the first amendment in the civil war bill. the amendment took away the black cod laws.
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