Always & Forever
Updated: 3/11/2020
Always & Forever

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  • Hey guys!
  • Hey Sophie!
  • Did you guys find anything?
  • No, we haven't seen anything.
  • What the hell is wrong with you? You can't go around kissing people.
  • Oh please. I wasn't kissing you I was helping you. And you should be happy you got to kiss me, cmon look at me.
  • This morning I got a text from Max telling me to meet him, Julia, and Matt (Bryce's other friends) at the park near the school. When I went there I was immediately greeted by them and quickly thought of a plan to find Bryce. We thought it would be a good idea if we split up so it was Max and I and Julia and Matt. After, we would meet up here.
  • A few hours has past by since me and Max went to Bryce's favorite places to eat to his hangout places. We haven't seen him. So, we went back to ask the other if they found him and when they said "no" I felt my heart shatter. Where could he have gone? I couldn't take this anymore and left.
  • I don't why but I found myself going to the lake where me and Bryce always go to and where we first met. It was pretty funny. I just went for a swim when I decided to under the water and stay there for a few minutes. Bryce was walking around when he saw bubbles and immediately jumped in the water "tried" to save me but I was completely okay. before I could even process anything he was giving me mouth to mouth and thats how everything started.
  • A few weeks has passed by and no signs of Bryce. We literally checked the whole and even got the police involved but still nothing. Ive been going to the lake lately probably only thing that keeps me sane. Anyway, I was at the lake when I saw something unusual like a maybe a ripped piece of clothing. Then, I got a that same bad feeling again.
  • Right after I saw the piece of clothing I called the police to let them know. Right they are doing a undersea search thing to find anythng suspicious. I was very anxious and eager to know something, anything. By my side I have Max with me. He has helped me a lot these past few weeks by being there for me eventhough his best friend is missing.
  • I was currently crying my heart out. The police had announced that they found a body and I was hoping so much it wasn't Bryce's body but it was, he was just lying there with his pale face and purple lips sleeping peacefully. After I saw suddenly felt sick and went home nonstop crying. it has been a few weeks since his body has been found. Bryce left me a letter of how he loved me. I decided I have to move on and let go. But, there will always be a place in my heart for Bryce, because I will love him. Always & Forever.