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Nuclear Weapons and Nonproliferation
Updated: 3/11/2020
Nuclear Weapons and Nonproliferation
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  • Let's get right into it!
  • on Nuclear Weapons and Nonproliferation.
  • Today we'll be discussing what steps the U.S. should take regarding nuclear weaponry!
  • Hello and welcome to our talk,
  • Russia and the US need to come to an agreement that allows both
  • will make the world a safer, less-nuclear place, and will diminish the
  • risk of an all-out nuclear war. As for the other countries, they
  • countries to dismantle at least half of their nuclear stock. This
  • need to have only a few weapons to be able to defend themselves.
  • As for the wildcards, such as Iran and North Korea,
  • can't handle the responsibility of nuclear weapons, they don't need to
  • have them. As for deterrence or non-proliferation, the most efficient one
  • they need to have all of their nuclear weapons confiscated. If they
  • would be non-proliferation. The other countries won't back down
  • just because of threats. The dismantlement of weapons is more likely to succeed.
  • This leaves us to the question, is it possible to get rid of all nuclear weapons?
  • dismantlement of the weapons. Since no one solution really works in this world, a good balance
  • world powers have has decreased steadily since around 1990. This is due to the powers ordering the
  • According to, the number of nuclear weaponry the various
  • the weapons, and if countries refuse, about 30% deterrence to scare them into submission.
  • between deterrence and non-proliferation is required. There needs to be about 70% dismantlement of
  • Unfortunately, it's probably not likely. Our current world powers are very
  • stubborn, and as such it's not likely that every country will give up all their weapons.
  • So, we'll probably all end up dying in a nuclear war. But hey, maybe Corona will get us first. Who knows.
  • WOW! Thanks for watching the whole thing! It took a while to make.
  • Here are my sources!
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