Spanish Project
Updated: 3/13/2020
Spanish Project

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome to school
  • The subjunctive mood includes many of the same verb tenses as the indicative mood, including the perfect, the past, and the future,
  • You use subjunctives to express these wishes and desires
  • Subjunctive describes desires, goals and wishes
  • Subjunctives have two subject in each sentence
  • Rules: Remove the endand change the congregation
  • For most verbs, the present subjunctive is formed by dropping the -o ending from the first person singular yo of the present indicative and adding the present subjunctiveendings.
  • IRREGULAR VERBSSer= Soy Ir= Voy Tener= Tengo Poder= puedo Hacer= Hago Decir= Digo
  • Trigger Words: Espero, Es importante, Es necesario, Dudar que, Necesitar que, Pedir que, Antes que, No creer que, Es difícil que, Gustar que