Updated: 5/18/2020

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  • This is Nupur. She's the coolest.
  • She's really smart! ( 9.5 5th sem topper + Lucknow wali FITJEE queen + kickass coder)
  • She protecc (From Bangalore traffic, creepy seniors, taking charge in trips)She attacc ( against sexism, creepy seniors and pesky batch mates) Most importantly, she make great snack (pasta, that roti flour in dal thing, pav bhaji)
  • Hostel adda sessions going on for hours with her was THE best time of my life. 2001 + 106 forever)
  • Subway employees in Silchar fear us and our rowdy laughter. Nupur's favorite Mexican patty is almost always out of stock though :(
  • But most importantly, Nupur is the kindest, most loving person ever known. She gives the best hugs, the most rad makeup tips, cheap cool clothes and loves wholeheartedly. She is into aesthetics, healthy living and quiet mountains but the thing she is most into is being a great friend. Wishing the happiest birthday to Nupur. <3