Tenny Grant Summer Reading. By Kayden Verzwyvelt

Updated: 7/30/2020
Tenny Grant Summer Reading. By Kayden Verzwyvelt

Storyboard Text

  • I sang the words to April Springs with my dad's band the Tri-stars. My dad, my older brother Mason, Jessie and I are in the band. My dad plays bass guitar, Mason plays the drums, Jessie is the lead singer and play guitar. "Tenny your voice has to blend with mine. It is hot, I need to go outside.'' said Jessie. When Jessie came we finished rehearsals and went home.
  • Grants's Music and Collectibles
  • When we got home my mom and little sister Aubrey were waiting for us. My mom used to sing but then she stopped, now she owns a food truck. We had to go to a Belle Starr Concert and sell some of her food. The next day my dad took me to school. This year we get to help with the jamboree. Me and my friend Jaya singed up for it
  • After school we went to the senior center to pick someone to help us with the jamboree. I met someone named Portia. After school I went to dad's shop. I went to to listening room. and worked on my new beat. I loved the beat but I could not find the right lyrics. When I walked out someone was there she said that she was from bluebird cafe. A famous music cafe. she asked me to go. I asked my parents and said they will think about. My whole music life is hanging.
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