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Updated: 5/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh
  • help!!! help!!!Criminal!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Trial by fire:The villager had to pick up a red hot stick and walk 3 paces with it. Then, hiss hand would get bandaged up and he would have to return to court 3 days later. If it had healed, it meant he was innocent and god healed it. If it wasn't healed, it meant death.
  • Trial by combat:In this, the accused and the accuser (or the chosen champions) would have to fight for as long as possible starting at sunrise. People believed that the person that god thought was innocent would get extra strength and win. The first person to surrender was put to death.
  • Trial by water:Mainly for woman, trial by water is when the accused are chained up and are thrown in a river. If they float, they are guilty and god doesn't want them so they die. If they sink they die and go to heaven.
  • For committing crime against church, you will be slowly burnt alive on a bonfire. If you are not guilty, you will then be allowed into heaven by God rather than sent to hell – because we have already burnt enough!
  • church sucks