Apco Project Homework Task 2 Part 2
Updated: 2/6/2021
Apco Project Homework Task 2 Part 2

Storyboard Text

  • Non Essential shops like barber shops must close, restaurants must only have Takeaway and Delivery services. Shops like supermarkets can stay open, but must follow the rules.
  • Nutties
  • Closed due to corona.
  • Nutties
  • Delivery and Takeaway only!
  • Many people needed to study and work from home and only if it is essential they can go out.... and much more rules were there that will go on and on.
  • Even though Covid-19 weakened in the Summer of 2020...
  • The virus came back much stronger than before which lead to even more lockdowns.
  • However, the vaccine for this virus has come and now, many people are putting it to prevent Covid. Soon, when all people are vaccinated, we will get our FREEDOM of exploration back and we can do what we used to do before now!Until then, KEEP CALM and Wait for the Vaccine.
  • Produced by:Svanik BalajiMade with: StoryboardTHAT