mi pasa ap
Updated: 1/22/2020
mi pasa ap
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  • You need to pay these taxes before next month!
  • The main job for a peasant was farming and growing fruit and vegetable crops. Another job the peasents did was fish. They got paid in rice and land because they were the on the bottom of the Japanese feudal system, however there were seven sub-classes. The highest ranking of a peasant was a farmer. It was difficult to grow crops in the cooler seasons. The peasants lived in small villages and worked all day to provide food for the higher people in the feudal system. The peasants were not able to eat the crop and food they grew.
  • The Daimyo and/or shogun gave the peasants taxes. The peasants paid their taxes in rice and food every month to the upper class lord and samurai when he called. The daimyos would claim 40% of the rice crop grown by the peasants. They would leave only 60% for the peasants and their families. The taxes were paid depending on the size of the plot of land. The peasents were loyal to trade in the land for protection. peasents would range from extremely poor to small amounts of money. The taxes sometimes caused peasents to not be able to support their own family.
  • Peasants were always in risk of consequences mainly from the samurai. Whenever they passed by a samurai they had to acknowledge and bow down to him. if they offended the samurai in any way the samurai had the right to punish the peasant to death.
  • Another job that the peasants did was build different things. They were often referred to as craftsmen. The craftsmen were very skilled and built some amazing things for over 800 years. The craftsmen were also called artisians and they provided different services for the daimyo and people in a higher rank them themselves.
  • The peasants were used as slaves and were treated very poorly. They depended on different resources to live. they used timber to build houses for the emperors and daiymo, they also used timber to fix houses to the higher ranked people. The main food supply the peasants got from what they grewwas mushrooms, and different types of friut.
  • When the peasants were angry they would group together and form rebellions. The majority of the peasants were impressive fighting force. Merchants and craftmen / artisians were also classied as peasants as they were lower in the feudal system. If the peasants didnt beat the rebellion the shogun would loose their power.
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