Lost in the Jungle

Updated: 5/19/2020
Lost in the Jungle

Storyboard Description

This story is about a boy who goes camping with his friends and then gets lost. This story tell about the experiences he has in the jungle.

Storyboard Text

  • "Hi, I am Sam."
  • "Hello, I am Samuel and I live here." "What are u doing in the Jungle?"
  • "I came for a camping trip with my friends," said Sam, "but got lost in the way."
  • "That is a good idea."
  • "No worries!!" said Samuel, "you can stay with me and I can show you around the Jungle."
  • "Oh!! there is tiger," said Sam, "and I am scared."
  • "Don't be afraid," said Samuel, "that tiger is just resting and it won't hurt us."
  • "Run Sam run, as fast a you can" said Samuel.
  • "Thanks Samuel, said Sam, "you have saved my life today."
  • "You did good today Sam", said Samuel. "I see some kids on the other side are they your friends?"