Constitutional Convention Comic
Updated: 11/16/2019
Constitutional Convention Comic
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  • How and why the Constitutional Convention Happened
  • No more taxes! You will not take our farms!
  • You can't have it all! We need to pay our war debts.
  • We can't have any more fighting!
  • We need to fix this and make a plan. Let's meet in Philadelphia.
  • Sophia WhitePeriod 3
  • We want the New Jersey Plan. One vote for each state! That's only fair! Equal representation!!
  • We want the Virginia Plan. More people gets more votes! Bigger states are better!
  • Shay's Rebellion takes place for 6 months in 1787 in Massachusetts. Farmers are unhappy and rebel.
  • Can't we get a compromise?
  • Meeting at Philadelphia Independence Hall on May 25, 1787. 55 delegates from 12 states.
  • Yeah! Each state gets 2 votes in the legislature! Small and big states UNITE!
  • James Madison proposed the Virginia Plan and William Patterson the New Jersey Plan.
  • There were a lot of discussions!
  • Finally, the Great Compromise was signed.
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