R y j lola y luli

Updated: 6/30/2020
R y j lola y luli

Storyboard Text

  • Ohhh. My doughter is dead.
  • Pour Juliet.
  • What is happening? I drank the poison.
  • How are you alive???
  • Leave my son in peace!!!
  • No... i... didn´t!
  • Juliet is still dead!!!
  • You killed Juliet!!!!
  • Kill him, kill him!
  • How can this be possible?
  • Why did you leave him live!!!
  • Kill Romeo!!!
  • Are you happy ? I left him.
  • I hate the Montagues.
  • He drank the poison. How is he alive?
  • I hate the Capulets.
  • No Romeo, please!!
  • I can still living with all this hate around me.
  • He will die!!!!
  • This can´t continue being the same. You have to change.
  • OHH, Romeo. He was an increíble son.
  • Now he kill himself, in the same way that Juliet did, because all the hate that you have.
  • I told you to shakehands.
  • Since that day the two families never fought again. Love regnid on Verona.