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Story Board Assignment-Phil
Updated: 9/20/2019
Story Board Assignment-Phil
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  • Hey Sydney! I was doing some research and came across the word "autonomy" do you know any information about it?
  • Yes I have! I have learned about the philosophers Aristotle and Kant. Have a seat and I'll tell you all about them.
  • Aristotle is a historical philosopher and Kant is a modern philosopher and they both value the respect for everyone's autonomy,
  • Do their philosophies play a roll in our lives today?
  • Absolutely. Autonomy means the freedom from external control or influence, it provides independence to people. Today, people have the choice to say yes or no to things they want and do not want to do.
  • That makes sense! can you provide me with an example where autonomy is present so I have a better understanding of it?
  • In some places in the world abortion is outlawed due to people believing it is murder but in places like Canada, we value people's autonomy and their right to choices. 
  • For example, I will discuss how people view abortion and how autonomy plays a role in it. Kant believed abortion was immoral but if no one ever got an abortion the world would be over populated, leaving Kant's morals on abortion in between what is right. Aristotle was totally agaisnt it, women are meant to reproduce so abortion is wrong. 
  • So an example of disrespecting someone's autonomy in our daily lives, would be entering their personal space when it causes them discomfort to have someone in their personal bubble and not respecting their choice to refuse my gesture? 
  • Exactly! 
  • now you know more about Kant, Aristotle, and how their philosophies affect our daily lives and shape values!
  • Thank you for teaching me how these philosophers and their values effect our daily lives! Cant wait to tell and teach others! 
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