Updated: 2/6/2019

Storyboard Text

  • Hi intern! Today I'm going to show you what happens during the process of mitosis... 
  • Hi Mr. Barry! What are we learning today?
  • Look here! There's some cell division action...
  • scientist: if you look here, you see the beginning of G1 phase, the cells are physically growing larger, and copying its organelles
  • Congratulations! You are now one! Enjoy your life together
  • scientist: and here you see the beginning of the S phase, where the centrosome, or the thing that helps separate the cell into two, has become present
  • who's that guy shes talking too? she spends more time talking to him than being with me..
  • scientist: although the cell is still growing, they have started reorganizing their contents, and preparing for the split of mitosis
  • he's sleeping on the couch again, does he know??
  • scientist: G2 phase has come to an end and mitosis is finally beginning! The cells will soon start splitting for good
  • You're in love with another man!! That is it we are done!