Odysseus & Penelope
Updated: 11/23/2020
Odysseus & Penelope

Storyboard Description

In this part of the story, Penelope sees her husband, Odysseus, after 20 years. At first, she doesn't believe that he is back because everyone thought he was dead after 20 years. He proves that he is who he says he is by telling her what their room looks like. No one had been in that room so no one would know what it looks like except them. Once Penelo.pe believes him, they hug each other. This part of the story is important because this is the first time that Odysseus and Penelope had seen the other in a long time. The first box shows when Penelope didn't know what to say to Odysseus, the second box shows when Odysseus order the swineherd, cowherd, and Telemachus to go bathe and put on fresh clothing, the third box shows Odysseus asking why people wouldn't feel atached to someone who has been gone for 20 years. Then, the forth box is when Odysseus gets mad because they moved his bed and he wants to prove that it is him by telling Penelope what there room looks like, shown in box 5. Finally, Penelope believes him and they embrace each other

Storyboard Text

  • "'Mother, cruel mother, do you feel nothing, drawing yourself apart this way from Father?'"
  • "'I am stunned, child. I cannot speak to him.'"
  • Go bathe and put on fresh clothing
  • "'Who else is the world would keep aloof as you do from her husband if he returned to her from years of trouble, cast on his own land in the twentieth year?'"
  • "'I know so well how you-how he-appeared boarding the ship for Troy.'"
  • "'Who dared to move my bed? ...There is our pact and pledge, our secret sign, built into that bed-my handiwork and no one else's!'"
  • "'Do not rage at me, Odysseus! ...Forgive me, don't be angry. I could not welcome you with love on sight!'"