My Story

Updated: 9/10/2020
My Story

Storyboard Text

  • Emily is in class. This is medical schooling and very difficult and boring for her.
  • She finished class and is very stressed because she hates medical school but her parents are texting her and telling her how important this is and that she needs to become a doctor
  • She decided to go to the beach and sees people surfing and going in the water. They walk up to her and convince her to try it and make friends with her.
  • They go to this cafe after the beach that is right on the beach and it is for sale and they have this idea that they could all buy it together. They tell Emily she could forget about the stress of medical school and just own the business with them.
  • She knows her parents would be upset and disappointed in her but she decided to buy the cafe for her happiness. She decided she would rather do something that made her happy than something that everyone around her thought she should do.
  • It was their opening day and it went great and they made a huge profit for their first day and she was happier than ever.