Rock Cycle
Updated: 6/2/2020
Rock Cycle

Storyboard Description

In this mini-story, it only gave me 3 boxes to work with and I, unfortunately, had to make it short but its not the best but also not the worse. So in this story, Marc is on a hiking trip and he happens to see a really big rock nearby, and its craked and it starts to fall down slowly. So he asked me, the narrator and I explained to him a little explanation about the pretty cool Rock Cycle and he seemed to enjoy it since most people don't even care about rocks at all so he went through a short trip to see it all happen live with his own eyes.

Storyboard Text

  • What is a Rock cycle and how does it work?
  • Ok so whats next then? This actually is pretty cool.
  • Well Marc, to start of the rock cycle, we have a volcano here and its erupting creating magma and after it cools, it turns into igneous rock.
  • Then the igneous rock turns into sediments and the sedimentary rock until we get to Metamorphic rock and back to magma again
  • Woah! That's pretty nice to actually even think about it!