Othello: Act 2
Updated: 12/8/2020
Othello: Act 2

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  • Hopefully Othello will be okay in this storm. Say Cassio, do you know if good Othello has a wife?
  • Oh yes Montano. Her name is Desdemona and she is magnificent, especially in her beauty. Othello is blessed to have her.
  • Everyone kneel, for Desdemona has arrived. Welcome my lady.
  • Dear Cassio, thank you for the warm greeting.
  • Yes Cassio. Keep up your common courtesies, since I will soon use them to weave my own delightful scandal between you and Othello's beloved.
  • With the Turks having been defeated, Othello has invited us all to celebrate not only our win, but also his and Desdemona's marriage.Everyone enjoy and God bless!
  • Help, help! I have been wounded!
  • I am not drunk! Unhand me or I will do to you what I did to that man who insulted me!
  • Stop this! Montano, Cassio, you have lost yourselves!
  • I would rather not say, but I did see Cassio quarrel with a stranger and soon after strike Montano.
  • Othello, I am deeply ashamed of my actions.
  • Cassio, you will no longer be one of my officers. I love you, but I can not stand for this.
  • My reputation has been ruined, Othello will never take back a drunk like myself. Why did I behave in that way?
  • Oh Cassio, cheer up! You must only go to Desdemona to ask her for your help mending you and Othello's relationship. She is so kind that there is no way she wouldn't help!
  • This is going just as planned! When he goes to Desdemona for help, I will then use it as evidence for Othello of their apparent "affair".
  • I'm hurt!I have done nothing unlawful here aside from protect myself. Iago will explain.
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