The Battle of Hastings
Updated: 2/22/2021
The Battle of Hastings

Storyboard Text

  • And the battle begins!
  • So first the Normans well-trained cavalry attacks, but the Saxons wall is too strong for them.
  • And then the Normans amazing archers tried to defeat them, but their opponents shields were too strong!
  • Oh NO!
  • But just then, William of Normandy came up with a genius idea...
  • Pretending the Normans had lost, they retreated, giving the Anglo-Saxons a chance to celebrate their *fake* victory...
  • And thinking they wouldn't attack, they slowly broke their wall!
  • So then the Normans suddenly started attacking them, and it was pretty easy, because their strong wall had now vanished!
  • And guess what...
  • Harold Godwinson died with an arrow in his eye, resulting Victory for the Normans!