Updated: 6/22/2020
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  • MAJOR EVENT #1: Esperanza and her family move into the House on Mango Street. Esperanza didn’t expect a house to look like this, and she is ashamed of this house.
  • MAJOR EVENT #2: Louises cousin comes and gives them a ride in his fancy new car. They ask him where he got the car. When they were almost home they hear sirens and the cousin tells them to get off and he crashes the car and gets arrested. He had stolen the car.
  • MAJOR EVENT #3: Esperanza talks about how she isn’t afraid of anyone in her neighborhood because they all look like her. But she’s afraid of other neighborhoods because the people there look different from her.
  • MAJOR EVENT #4: Eperanza is jealous of those kids that get to eat at school instead of having to go home. She asks her mother to make her a letter saying if she can eat at school beacuase her house is too far, but her teacher thinks she’s lying. Esperanza gets upset.
  • MAJOR EVENT #5: Esperanza sees a boy named sire and he makes her feel all warm inside. He has a girlfriend and she stares at them wanting a relationship like their. Her mother tells her that girls like that are the ones that go into alleys . There are four trees outside Esperanza’s window and she says that is the only thing that understands her.
  • MAJOR EVENT #6: Esperanza goes back to the three lady and gets her hand read and they tell her to make a wish and she wishes for a big house. At the end esperanza doesnt get the big house but she tells herself that one day she will get that big house but for now shes stuck in mango street.
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