the kid who trusted stranger
Updated: 7/26/2020
the kid who trusted stranger
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their was a kid who was very upset because he wants to go to a ride in the play ground and that was totally not for his age he run away from his parents and then trusted a stranger who tried to kidnap him the stranger was arrested by the brave police officer kid was sorry for his mistakes and then he never talk to stranger

Storyboard Text

  • SAM, you are not going to go to that swing it is not for your age.
  • Mom and dad of sam were angry on him to don,t go on the swing so he went angry alone mom and dad chase him but he was covered by crowd
  • no dear you can get hurt don't go their
  • i want to go i need to go and i am going
  • sam didn't listen to his parent and ran away from there . sam was covered by crowed
  • sam please come back
  • sam where did you go
  • The mam was the kidnapper he drag the kid with hand and take him away , the police officer was watching him carefully.
  • hi, how are you kid will you go with me ???
  • hi no please let me go i want to go to my parents
  • the kidnapper was arested then the police mam and the sam find sam's parents
  • don't dare to kidnap any child
  • hhahha
  • leaveme!!
  • the officer and the sam find sam's parent and sam was sorry and he apologise
  • i save him from the kidnapper
  • thanks officeri was so worrid
  • i am sorry i dis obeyed you
  • thanks officer good to see you learn the lesson we were worrid
  • THE MORAL OF THE STORY: we should not talk to strangers and we should respect our parents and never disobey them
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