Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I miss you Peris.
  • Promise me, you won't get in trouble anymore.
  • Ahh, oh i thought u were a warder, They're looking for me!
  • That's so cool. We should be friends. I'll teach you how to hoverboard.
  • This is Pretty cool, I mean I never saw the rusty ruins in the night.
  • I knew you'd like it let's go play with the roller coaster.
  • Tally is almost 16, her best friend, Peris is already pretty, so she visits him to talk with him. She promises him she won't get in trouble
  • No i want to be pretty, But i promise i won't tell on you
  • I decided to run away, I don't want to be pretty. Come with me.
  • Tally meets Shay while running away from Pretty Town. They became friends quickly. Shay teaches tally to go on the hoverboard.
  • No please, I don't know anything, don't do this!
  • Welcome Tally. Your friend Shay ran away and you must find her, Or else you will never be pretty!
  • Many Weeks later, Shay brings Tally to the rusty ruins, They become close friends
  • Tally, you must tell your friend, please, Taly.
  • OK, mom and dad, I'll do it. I'll tell Dr. Cable everything!
  • Shay decided she was going to run away. She didn't want to be pretty.
  • Tally is not turned pretty, because she must answer the questions to Dr. Cable about Shay. When Tally doesn't cooperate, Dr. Cable says she will not become pretty
  • After her parents and Peris try to convince her, Tally decides and to go find Shay in order to become pretty once more.