What can you do well?

Updated: 5/12/2020
What can you do well?

Storyboard Description

Story - What can you do well?

Storyboard Text

  • Hi. My name is Kinga and I can swim very well, but I can't play the guitar at all. How about you?
  • Hi Kinga. I am Dominik. I can play the guitar well, but I can't swim at all. Can you sing?
  • Hm. So-so, not very well. My sister can. I can draw well. Can you draw?
  • Hm. Not really, not at all. But I can sing well. Can you sister play the guitar?
  • Yes, she can play the guitar and piano very well. Oh, there she is.
  • Well. It sounds great. Let's go.
  • Hi. Do you want to come over and do something together?