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Updated: 3/26/2020
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  • Action: First panel will have a medium shot of a conference with the Director pitching her idea to a company.Dialogue: The director is speaking enthusiastically to the company representatives.FX: Mix of close up shots and medium shots showing the room. Frequent jump cuts to the reactions of the representatives.
  • Action: Close up shots of the cameraman and crane shots of the entire film set. Extreme close ups of the two actors fighting.Dialogue: no dialogue just upbeat music musicFX: I will have titles saying 'Film Scene' and cross blur shots.
  • Action: Shots of the director speaking with one of the actors and the main cameraman Dialogue: small snippets of the conversation can be heard above the music.FX: slow motion shots of the conversation in the rain.
  • Action: Mid shots and close shots show that the fight has escalated and the hero of the story is running away.Dialogue: Shouting and gunshots(Sound effects), the director is faintly heard telling the actor where to run.FX: Head on shots that show the action firsthand, quick close ups of the weapon and the actors.
  • Action: Medium shot mainly during the interview. Few close ups and cuts to the next scene.Dialogue: Questions by the interviewer and answers by the editor FX: The camera will slowly pan around the room while the editor is talking.
  • Action: Shot of an Editor working,editing the previous fight sequence, close ups showing this.Dialogue: no dialogue just musicFX: I will have quick close ups mixed with side view shots of the editor's keyboard and his snacks and drinks.
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