Unknown Story
Updated: 2/13/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Zeus scolds Prometheus
  • "If you are so foolish as to think that you are outwitting me, beware of the consequences of my wrath"
  • Prometheus calls out Zeus
  • "Zeus, if you are nothing more than the son of Cronus, than I fear that I have only helped one tyrant replace another"
  • Zeus punishes Prometheus
  • "Your fate will teach Titans and Olympians alike that no one may treat me as an equal and disobey my commands"
  • Zeus is the all powerful Olympian, ruler of all the gods who believes he is superior to everyone else. Prometheus gets scolded by Zeus as he believes Prometheus gave to much knowledge and ability to his creations which is people. Zeus shows his power by punishing the Titan and taking away fire from mankind.
  • Before Zeus comes to power his father Cronus who was a titan was the supreme ruler until Zeus led the revolt to overthrow him. Prometheus is a titan but decided to go against the tyrant Cronus and helped Zeus defeat him. Prometheus thought he was helping get rid of a tyrant but it turns out once Zeus became the ruler of the universe he became a tyrant as well which shows how there has always been a tyrant in power.
  • Zeus being the Tyrant that he is uses is power to punish the titan Prometheus by torturing him, chaining him to a mountain and letting an eagle eat his liver. Zeus could have been a good person in this situation and let Prometheus give the fire to mankind so they can survive but instead he proves he is a tyrant and punishes the titan.