Making prata
Updated: 3/19/2020
Making prata

Storyboard Description

Alber and Ben

Storyboard Text

  • Good morning pa,oh! Strawberries? Large ones. Expensive! you kena 4D?
  • From the co-op.The flight kitchen ordered too much.
  • In this house,you don't get to tell me what i can and cannot do.This is my house , my money! And if you ever DARE go through my things again...
  • Then why this receipt has the name of uncle Reggie's Clinic bills?!
  • Wait what! You go through my drawer?!
  • Is too expensive. We cant's afford it, Pa .Ma would have agreed with me if she were alive.
  • You don't bring your dead mother into this !
  • But you know it's true . If she were alive , she would have said...
  • you are not too big for me to give you a walloping, ok?
  • * Ignores