SS Native Project
Updated: 2/10/2021
SS Native Project

Storyboard Text

  • Who?
  • I come from the Cherokee Tribe!
  • And I represent the Shawnee tribe!
  • I represent the Ojibwa!
  • Hi, my name is Tecumseh, and I'm the leader of the Lower Great Lakes Indians.
  • Why?
  • The US settlers kicked the Natives of their rightful land to make way for western expansion.
  • Why can't we share?
  • You guys need to leave! We're the owners of this land now!
  • What?
  • We need to stand up to these foreigners! Any ideas?
  • While the Native Americans were angered by the US encroachment on their territory, the British offered an alliance, and supplies.
  • We can make an army with the other tribes.
  • That could work!
  • Sir? The British are here to see you.
  • ATTACK!!!!
  • BANG!
  • Tecumseh and his army had a significant part in the battles of Detroit and Queenston.
  • Retreat!!!
  • What?
  • Effects
  • After the War of 1812, the US granted 99 reservations West of the Mississippi River to Native Americans, but many Native tribes still fell prey to western expansion.
  • Thank you for your generosity.
  • It's the least we could do!