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A Hat In Time Story
Updated: 10/8/2019
A Hat In Time Story
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  • Hat kid- I mean, Hat girl was siting on a bench waiting for the bus at 10:54 P.M. in the rain. she has never been so sad and lonely until she got enough time pieces to go back to earth.
  • Hat girl has been on earth for a year now, and she still haven't even found a trace of her parents yet, which is one on her goals ever since she came back. Hat girl still has one friend here on earth: Bow girl.
  • One day, Bow girl showed Hat girl something amazing. Bow said that it's a portal to the Hat in Time world. they both went through it, and were amazed by what happened next.
  • Sorry, Hat...
  • Come Back soon!
  • Everyone they met on their way to earth was waiting for them! it was like they knew that Hat girl and Bow girl were coming back! it seemed like a happy ending, but really...
  • It turns out that Bow and Mustache girl are working together to make a plan to get ride of Hat girl. But Hat girl won't give up. she'll fight.
  • Hat girl lost a couple battles, but not the war. when Hat girl won the last fight: Mustache girl and Bow girl, they realized how rude they were, especially Bow girl. Bow & Hat went back home after saying goodbye.
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