Updated: 12/6/2019

Storyboard Text

  • Odysseus is sailing with his men and then they spot land, and decide to go and take a look, and settle down on the island, look at its inhabitants.
  • odysseus leaves some of his crew to guard the ship while he, along with some of his men, go and explore, and try and find somewhere to stay , and people to give them food. They spot a cave in the distance
  • inside the cave was piles of cheese and pails of milk, with lots of sheep, white and black.
  • the person who lived in the cave was actually a horrible cyclops, and when he came in and spotted the men , and ate some of them. The cyclops rolled the stone in from of the cave and they were trapped!!
  • that night, odysseus came up with a plan. He got the cyclops drunk, and told him that his name was nobody. When he fell asleep, they sharpened a wooden stick and stabbed him in the eye, which blinded him.
  • when the cyclops tried calling out "nobody is attacking me!!" the other cyclops took no notice, and as the stone was rolled away, the men escaped under some of the cyclops' sheep, got into their ship with the rest of their men and started sailing away.