Updated: 9/9/2020

Storyboard Text

  • By Placing two lenses in a tube i can see the object much larger!
  • Zacharias was doing a simple experiment not knowing his creation will be used and improved upon years after his death.
  • Zacharias Jansen
  • With the help of his own microscope that he made he was the first person to see microorganisms and help lay the foundation of microbiology
  • I can see this little on my microscope and they look like little animals i know what to them ill name them Animalcules
  • Anton Van Leeunhoek
  • He was an underappreciated scientist for his time but his work helped improve our understanding of biology but because he butted heads with Isaac Newton we can never really know what he looks like
  • I can see this little chambers which look like the cells of the monks that pray in aha i know what to call them now i ll call it Cell.
  • Robert Hooke