Great Pacific Garbage Patch Task 3
Updated: 6/25/2020
Great Pacific Garbage Patch Task 3
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  • The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is killing the ocean and what lives in it.
  • It's really sad to see the ocean polluted like this. We need to stop.
  • It's important to recycle your rubbish because rubbish tends to make its way into the ocean.
  • The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a patch placed in the Pacific Ocean. West of North America and East of Japan. It is known for where the world's litter appear because of the winds
  • My home is under attack by pollution and if it doesn't stop, we might die...
  • The oceans continue to grow polluted and as more and more of it get polluted, it also creates a chain reaction. It would also contaiminate our resources for the life of Mankind.
  • As the marine life is killed by the pollution in the ocean, it also impacts us because fish is one of our primary sources of food.
  • People over the world are trying their best to create a solution to ocean pollution, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch including and teams like National Geographic and Ocean Cleanup are working against pollution.
  • ...And if we continue like this, it will affect the future.
  • The marine life continues to decrease as the Great Pacific Garbage increases and it is destroying homes. Not only people but also the wildlife. It is currently impacting the wildlife of the sea
  • One of the primary sources of food in the pacific islands is fish but their species continue to be threatened as the pollution in the sea increases.
  • The pollution in the sea would affect the future much more than the present if the seas continue to be filled with rubbish. So make sure to put your rubbish in a bin. Don't let it get in the sea.
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