English Macbeth

Updated: 7/28/2020
English Macbeth

Storyboard Text

  • Can you feel,Feel the tension in the air?With this guy,Macbeth.
  • Smell the death in the air. In the blood-soaked air. Is it fair? Is it foul? Is it foul is it fair?
  • Just beware, Of what's coming to be. We..
  • When will we, three, be, A trio again, in the rain? In the thunder and lightning.
  • Feel the pain, When the battles lost and the cost Of lives is frightening But when it's won and done it's exciting.
  • When the pistol smoke and the fog has cleared; Tonight, When the sun has gone, we'll be on, We'll be kicking on, upon the heath.
  • With Macbeth we'll meet n greet. And talk, Talk of victory and def-e-a-t...